Rutland Cycles offer touring events in August
Check out the touring-focused events lined up for the month

Rutland Cycles, based in Whitwell, have several cycle touring events to interest you this August.

The events kick off next Tuesday, 6 August, with a ride with Frank Burns followed by a talk about his 4,000km challenge, cycling end-to-end New Zealand and from Sydney to Melbourne in Australia.

Sunday, 11 August sees a Cycle Touring Masterclass covering essential kit and maintenance for cycle touring and a Q&A with cycle touring experts.

On Tuesday, 13 August, Rutland Cycles’ MD talks about a 15,000km crossing of South America from Cape Horn to the Caribbean by bike, and on Thursday, 16 August there’s a screening of Janapar at Museum Cinema, Oakham. It’s a film made by Tom Allen about leaving everything and everyone behind, and setting off on a quest to find the answer to life.

The final event of the month is Bugs, Birds & Bikes, the chance for children to explore Rutland’s wildlife by bike with Anglian Water’s Birdwatching Centre, on Thursday, 29 August.

For prices, times and more details on the various events, head over to http://www.rutlandcycling.com/Article/488/Rides---Events.html

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bendertherobot [602 posts] 2 years ago

I trust they've paid Pixar/Disney for use of that image.

PJ McNally [588 posts] 2 years ago

yep, Disney could really do with the cash.

But yes, no excuse for it really - you can even Google for freely licensed images, filter by commercial use etc - just do an advanced image search.