Videos: Le Tour de France in miniature x3

Triple treat of Tour inspired minaturised madness (and beauty)

by Simon_MacMichael   July 15, 2013  

Un Petit Tour.png

Yesterday we brought the Norwegian cycling fan who does riding impersonations of top pros, today's three videos from the more off-beat side of the Tour de France take a slightly more surreal turn with two videos from recreating the Tour in miniature (sort of) and another that looks at an extensive collection of miniature Tour de France inspired figures.

Both our 'racing' videos are of a similar vintage, from 2008, this first one is delightfully bonkers as a mini peloton makes its way round the country, complete with commentary… our French isn’t quite up to distinguishing individual voices, but we’re pretty sure the Gallic versions of Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen are the butt of some of the jokes here. Ivan Basso would seem to be in the yellow jersey in this particular minature Tour universe and he performs an Armstrongesque feat of off road riding on his way to the finish line.

Our second video that looks at the Tour in miniature – the extensive collection of models, figures and games assembled by Dominique Annet and his wife. The couple’s aim is to trace the history of toys and their relationship with cycling’s biggest race.

Earlier this month, the collection was on display in the Hôtel du Département de Seine-Maritime prior to the Tour passing through Rouen, and Annet is also planning a book about his collection.

Le Tour de France en miniature des époux Annet by France3Haute-Normandie

To see the final slice of miniature Tour weirdness - which really does take things to the next level hop over to and enjoy the adventures of 'Yellow Jacket the beach crazy cyclist'. In these stop motion videos the Tour action takes place, as you'll have guessed, on the beach where there dastardly Black Jacket spends his time trying to thwart the heroic Yellow Jacket. Both are dab hands at riding no-handed and Black Jacket would appear to be the better rider cos he always gets way out front so he can hatch his nefarious plans. If only he just rode on to the line. A life lesson there for all of us I'm sure you'll agree. Our favourite episode is 'Noodles' in which… we won't spoil it, you can watch it for yourselves.

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Triple teat...

Thank you, subs, for bringing a smile to my face.

I will suckle my fill.

Noli porcum linguere

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yeah, suck on that captain Wink

(made me laugh too, and I wrote it)

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15th July 2013 - 20:25