We had ten pump, multitool and saddlebag sets to give away.

We had lots of lovely Cube schwag to give away and plenty of you wanted it. nearly 1,000 of you, in fact. But we had 10 sets so your odds are hovering around 1%. that's better than the lottery, eh.

We've fired up the random-o-tron and asked it to kick out ten names. and it's duly obliged with the following winners:


Congratulations to our winners and bad luck if you missed out. there's plenty more schwag on the way though! Why, even now you can win a limited edition Lezyne Lotto-Belisol pump. Have a go!


Schwag ahoy! The lovely people at Cube Bikes have given us a whole lot of loot to give away, and you could win some for the price of a comment!

What have we got? Well we've got a great ride pack consisting of a Multi S Saddlebag, with a Pocket Aluminium Mini Pump and a Multitool 6 to go in it. Add a spare tube and some tyre levers and that's a good basic emergency kit right there.

And we've got not one kit, but ten, to give away. Ten! So get yourself entered and you could be in luck. All you have to do is comment and you're in the hat. usual schwag grab rules apply, and we'll pick a winner on Monday 15 July. Promise. Unless we forget. But we won't. Promise.

Good luck!

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