road.cc editor shares his thoughts on the Tour with Dan Lloyd while Simon MacMichael gives a detailed analysis to William Hill

We've missed road.cc editor Tony round here today - he jetted off to Corsica this morning with tech ed Mat Brett so they can bring you all the top product news from the 100th edition of the Tour de France, which starts on the island on Saturday; happily, thanks to the magic of video, we can watch him chatting with ex-pro (and former Tour rider) Daniel Lloyd from our friends at GCN about how he thinks the race may pan out.

Tony's not the only one round here who has been sharing his thoughts on the race this week; it's a reflection of how big cycling has become that bookies William Hill have produced a podcast dedicated to various markets focused on the race, and which includes our very own news editor Simon MacMichael sharing his thoughts on some aspects of the three weeks ahead - you can listen to it here.

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