Bike Doctor 2.0 adds new repairs, runs on iPad

Popular bike fix app gets new guides, iPad version

by John Stevenson   June 24, 2013  

Bike Doctor app

Popular fix-your-bike app BikeDoctor has just hit version 2.0, with 42 guides to fixing various parts of your bike - up from 29 in version 1.0.

The new edition works on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Bike Doctor is the brainchild of Andreas Kambanis, who writes the London Cyclist blog. The inspiration, he says, was paper bike repair manuals.

“I nearly gave up on maintaining my bike myself, after getting frustrated with all the bike maintenance books I had read,” says Andreas. “I decided there must be more cyclists like me out there who have tried and failed to follow other guidebooks. I created Bike Doctor to be an easy to follow guide that would always be available, whether you are out cycling or at home.

“Whilst I know even Cytech mechanics use Bike Doctor at times, it is designed for complete beginners.

“After the first draft of the instructions were created for the app, we tested them out on bike maintenance beginners. Looking over their shoulder as they went about completing the repair, we made notes where things went wrong and improved the instructions. The result is that this is the easiest to follow bike maintenance guide you’ll find.”

Bike Doctor 2.0 covers common bike repairs such as punctures and squeaky brakes, as well as more advanced repairs, such as bleeding disk brakes. The app also includes guides to avoiding punctures and completing a bike safety check.

Bike Doctor is available for £2.99 from the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPad and from the Android Play store.

Here’s a video with Andreas showing off the app’s features.