Video: Stunning new Imaginate film from Danny MacAskill

'Enter Danny's Mind' is the strapline - and new video definitely does that as he pulls off spectacular stunts in a singular setting

by Simon_MacMichael   June 20, 2013  

Danny MacAskill Imaginate film YouTube still

When Danny MacAskill takes two years to make a film, you can be pretty sure it's going to be something special - and his new video, Imaginate, is certainly that.

Visually stunning and with some spectacular stunts, it showcases the very best of the Scot's riding within a very singular setting.

Make sure you keep watching for the out-takes at the end of the film, and there's also a behind the scenes video on the dedicated website for the project from MacAskill's long-time sponsors, Red Bull.

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Oh. My. Word. Surprise

neildmoss's picture

posted by neildmoss [251 posts]
20th June 2013 - 10:57


Continuing with Rule Number 1 of Cycling Videos : "Accompanying music must be terrible at all times"

posted by Some Fella [908 posts]
20th June 2013 - 12:30


I am a road cyclist who has long wished to be able to ride like this. Danny is a cycle god. Good to see him being paid! I will complete my retro MTB project this weekend and see what I can break. is more hardtail stunt action

miles_from_anywhere's picture

posted by miles_from_anywhere [33 posts]
20th June 2013 - 14:13


Crikey he is tiny I thought he was much bigger than that? All looks like he’s trying too hard Wink

cidermart's picture

posted by cidermart [493 posts]
20th June 2013 - 14:15


that's pretty imaginative, nice going.

posted by mhtt [45 posts]
21st June 2013 - 12:56


Great !!! would like to meet the man Cool

Davetillyer's picture

posted by Davetillyer [22 posts]
21st June 2013 - 19:19


Danny was on BBC One Show today. He was busting moves over our desks which livened up the day. Bit rough clip of his bouncing on a big ball trick....

posted by timclarkih [9 posts]
21st June 2013 - 23:15


Wow...I mean WOW! Just stunning...skill, balance, daring and best of all FUN.


posted by batch [60 posts]
21st June 2013 - 23:28