GBH charge after Oxford road rage attack in which motorist hospitalised in row with cyclist

Thames Valley Police renew appeal for witnesses to incident that left driver needing hospital treatment

by Simon_MacMichael   June 19, 2013 news

Thames Valley Police yesterday arrested a 41-year-old man on suspicion of GBH with intent and criminal damage in connection with a road rage attack in Oxford on Saturday.

The incident took place on Parks Road after a motorist exiting the University of Oxford’s site there was involved in a near miss with a cyclist.

Police say that the latter then assaulted the driver with his bike lock and also damaged the vehicle.

The victim of the alleged assault had to be treated at the city’s John Radcliffe Hospital for facial injuries.

The man arrested spent yesterday evening in police custody, but officers have repeated an appeal for anyone who witnessed the incident or has information about it to come forward.

The investigating officer is PC Matthew Leney, who can be reached on the telephone number 101, or alternatively, information can be relayed anonymously via the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Not saying it is right but not surprised, the legal system offers no protection for cyclists.

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posted by mrmo [1113 posts]
19th June 2013 - 14:36


Freaking out is no suprise but actually assaulting someone??? Get back in your car where you belong!...along with red light jumpers.

posted by Farky [179 posts]
19th June 2013 - 15:05


Interesting to see what happens here; it seems that you can use your car as a weapon against cyclists and not be charged (see "related stories" above) but what happens if you fight back?

posted by SideBurn [806 posts]
19th June 2013 - 15:22


That's because hitting someone with a car is an 'accident' presumably because it's hard to prove that it was intentional (as opposed to bringing a d-lock down on someone's head).

Google-car should fix this sort of driving 'accident' Smile

posted by kitkat [206 posts]
19th June 2013 - 15:47


I hit my brother with a chain-lock once, and it definitely was an accident. I'm pretty sure if I was going to cave in someones face with a bike lock, it'd be deliberate. Once is an accident, twice, three or four times - that's assault.

However, if the driver in someway threatened him with the vehicle, he could claim it was proportionate self-defence (I'm not pre-judging the case or saying the cyclist was correct, but that the law allows a plea depending on the circumstances)

posted by Not KOM [79 posts]
19th June 2013 - 17:30


What he should have done was follow the driver home then got find himself a car wait out side the guys house. Then just run the driver over next time he leaves the house. 3 points and a fine at most even if he had to chase him down the pavement before running him over.

posted by mrchrispy [293 posts]
19th June 2013 - 19:02


Would like to know more, but possible the drive had to get out of his car to get hit? Was he squaring up an lost out, or is the cyclist just unhinged? Far to many variables to judge....

posted by gw [44 posts]
19th June 2013 - 21:18


Maybe hitting someone with a bike could be classed as an accident too?

The gentleman got out of his car and as I tried to swing my bike around to flee he happened to run into my chain ring officer...'

Terrible but maybe a case of accidental clipping surely?

Silly me. You're probably right....

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posted by MercuryOne [1059 posts]
19th June 2013 - 22:38


Maybe the sun was in his eyes?

posted by farrell [1452 posts]
19th June 2013 - 23:21


I'm glad to see the police were on this quickly. It shows that we're all safe.

Well done the filth.

posted by Ush [403 posts]
20th June 2013 - 2:06


Maybe if he just clipped the motorist with the lock in a momentary loss of concentration (or on the 'phone as it is also known) it would be OK?

posted by SideBurn [806 posts]
20th June 2013 - 6:29


Apparently folk on here think assault is amusing...unless its a cyclist who is assaulted.

posted by Beaufort [161 posts]
20th June 2013 - 7:13


Possible scenario;

driver pulls out from exit and nearly hits cyclist. Cylist remonstrates and hits car with lock causing damage. Driver gets out to remonstrate to cyclist about damaging his car so cyclist then hits driver with lock as well causing severe injuries.

Hope there are witnesses to this incident as without any its one persons word against the other and unfortunately the cyclist might walk.

I wonder how that will be greeted on the forum Thinking

‘It is useless to meet revenge with revenge: it will heal nothing.’

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posted by stumps [2757 posts]
20th June 2013 - 8:04


If (and it's only if) there was use of a lock against someone, then the law should be left to take it's course. Any other reaction because one person is on a bike and another is driving a motor vehicle is of no consequence. Escalation is never pretty.


posted by doc [167 posts]
20th June 2013 - 10:46


Beaufort wrote:
Apparently folk on here think assault is amusing...unless its a cyclist who is assaulted.

Agreed, assault is assault. No excuses, I hope the forum doesn't jump on the cyclist pity party again of how its only a poor cyclist defending his rights etc etc

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posted by Fixie Girl [116 posts]
20th June 2013 - 21:58


Beaufort wrote:
Apparently folk on here think assault is amusing...unless its a cyclist who is assaulted.

It depends whether the person was assaulted or just came second in a fight; there is not enough information to decide what happened here.
My comment was prompted by the bullshit excuses I have heard motorists say over the years to excuse their stupidity.

posted by SideBurn [806 posts]
21st June 2013 - 10:05


Fixie Girl wrote:
I hope the forum doesn't jump on the cyclist pity party again of how its only a poor cyclist defending his rights etc etc

Again? Can you point me in the direction of where the original cyclist pity parties were? They sound like fun.

It was a bit of gallows humour as we've constantly have these reasons rehashed and used as acceptable reasons for the deaths and injuries of cyclists.

posted by farrell [1452 posts]
21st June 2013 - 12:26


riding up a hill seeing a car come the other way I heard one behind start to accelerate not brake - they all passed me at once and I was clipped by his wing mirror which smashed all over the road - he stopped and came running down to - I thought - see me as I was quite shaken - I guess he was doing 60mph - he wanted to know where his wing mirror was - for some reason, not sure why at all, he got a spontaneous and quite vicious nose bleed so possibly in shock ran away like a girl...

I am not surprized at all to read this story - reading elsewhere about a badly broken up cyclist seeing his protagonist get a £55 fine - I hope this cyclist is given some understanding...

however - sadly - I doubt he will...

posted by silkred [16 posts]
21st June 2013 - 13:57


SMIDSY...just with a lock weighing a couple of pounds intead of a car weighing a couple of tonnes. Odd how its taken seriously when the tables are turned isn't it?

Don't condone violence at all but how many people on bikes face such injury every day with the police being less than interested but this attracts witness appeals?

Hating our selfish and ignorant car culture

posted by ironmancole [130 posts]
27th November 2013 - 0:51


Beaufort wrote:
Apparently folk on here think assault is amusing...unless its a cyclist who is assaulted.

To be fair we don't know the full story. However, in response to your comment I'd point out a person in a car can cause horrific injuries or death and use the flimsiest of excuses to evade any real justice...check out the stats and the typical 'punishment' handed out.

I suspect the sentiment here is that when the table is turned and the motorist comes off worst the police are suddenly interested. Smacks of double standards and lack of equality.

The motorist gets to use the car to injure or kill on a daily basis and it is automatically assumed to be an if the driver gets in and the car just takes off by itself with the occupant pleading desperately for the car to behave itself.

The car is an extension of the person inside, it does not operate itself! None of us get in our cars planning to kill or maim but I don't believe the word accident cuts it in the majority of cases.

If I set a gun up on a hare trigger rigged to a door I can't claim accident when someone comes in and gets shot. Get in a car and then drive it into another human being because I'm being an idiot however and that is declared as an accident.

I would call both inevitable, preventable and forseeable incidents...not accidents.

The cyclist and the motorist in this case each brought what they had to the party. One their car, the other a lock. They are both probably guilty of being hot headed and do no favours to the human race in general but on this occasion instead of the motorist accidentally hurting the cyclist (as is the rule 99.9% of the time), the cyclist accidentally hurt the motorist.

I think its all part of a shambolic system that needs addressing, irrespective of death or injury being accidentally caused by a lock or by a car.

Hating our selfish and ignorant car culture

posted by ironmancole [130 posts]
27th November 2013 - 1:14


I have to preface this post that I am a 60 miles/week cyclist because having read it back before posting there is a danger that people may assume I am a bike-hating car-owner.

I have no sympathy for the driver's behaviour, and he should have had a heavier punishment but…

Magnatom is an utterly terrible cyclist. Watch his other videos of supposedly bad driving behaviour. He regularly jumps red lights, cuts lanes, rides in the wrong lane, cuts in between traffic, lane hogs, moves into faster lanes and then slows his speed, cuts right hand corners, passes MUCH closer to vehicles than they pass to him …… and so on.
And when any driver reacts to his bad cycling behaviour he stops and behaves aggressively towards them.

And that is just the footage he posts, how badly does he ride in the bits that he cuts?

posted by kevinmorice [15 posts]
21st March 2014 - 18:29