Sustrans: UK's "mid-table mediocrity" in European Cycling Barometer not good enough

Sustainable transport charity calls for range of measures to help Get Britain Cycling

by Simon_MacMichael   June 6, 2013  

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Sustrans has described the UK’s 10th place ranking in the European Cyclists’ Federation’s Cycling Barometer table as reflective of “mid-table mediocrity” and show just how far the country has to go to become a true cycling nation.

Commenting on the Cycling Barometer, which ranks all 28 EU member states on five criteria – you can read about the findings together with our analysis here – the sustainable transport charity’s policy director, Jason Torrance, said: “These rankings show just how far we have to go to Get Britain Cycling.

“Given the massive transport, public health and environmental challenges that the UK currently faces, mid-table mediocrity just isn’t good enough.

“Although the last few years have seen some small steps in helping people to get on bikes, we still need slower speeds on our roads, safer routes around our communities and a greater culture of respect between all road users,” he added.

The Cycling Barometer was topped by Denmark and the Netherlands, both on 125 points, while the UK was ranked 10th on 88 points, positioned below Slovakia but above France.

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Someone needs to tell Sustrans, that this is probably NOT a way to get ordinary people cycling.

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posted by middlering [68 posts]
6th June 2013 - 18:25


Down here in Cornwall, the local authority's main aim seems to be to get cyclists off the road rather than encourage ALL road users to behave better. We don't really need lots of cycleways (IMHO). We just need slightly wider roads in some cases with better driver and cyclist training - that would probably do it. Yes, and better enforcement of laws relating to poor road behavoir. Has anyone compared the costs of doing this with all the millions of pounds spent on cycleway infrastructure? We have a perfectly good cycle network - the road system.

posted by doubledex [30 posts]
7th June 2013 - 8:09


Across here in Devon; just having roads that are not falling apart, overgrown, poorly maintained etc. would be nice. Just having clear drains and no water (ice)running across the roads would save lives, cars and benefit all.

posted by SideBurn [913 posts]
7th June 2013 - 9:53