Rapha to host Etape evening
Advice and inspiration for those riding this year's Etape du Tour...

Cycle clothing company Rapha are hosing an Etape evening next month with the aim of helping people to prepare for the big ride.

This year’s Etape du Tour (the organisers holding just the one again, rather than two) is a loop from Annecy in the Haute-Savoie department, and at 81 miles (130km) it is actually a little longer than the Tour de France stage upon which it is based.

Rapha’s Etape Evening is designed to offer advice and inspiration for those taking part in the ride.

Rapha say, “Having done a full reconnaissance of the route, presentations from Rapha and Cyclefit will provide detailed advice on what to expect along the road, some cultural background to the region and insights on riding tactics, gearing and fuelling.”

The event, which will be in a seminar format, takes place on Friday, 14 June. The evening will start at the Rapha Cycle Club on Brewer Street (W1F 9ZN) at 6pm while the presentation will take place 10 minutes up the road at The Old Cinema in the University of Westminster.

The cost is £15 per person and you need to register in advance. Go to Rapha’s website for all the details. 

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Nermaloids [11 posts] 2 years ago

Typo? The etape is on the 7th July, I doubt Rapha's presentation is a week later?

Tony Farrelly [2839 posts] 2 years ago

Thanks Nermaloids, maybe that's the debrief on the 14th July  3

Not sure how we missed that considering it's written on the picture but that's our special powers coming in to play once again.