RX Team to top 2014 Raleigh cyclocross range
And the brand is looking to sponsor two young, national-standard CX riders too

Raleigh is set to strengthen its 2014 lineup with a complete range of cyclocross bikes, topped by the race-proven RX Team. The bike will come equipped with the new SRAM Force 22 groupset, disc brakes and an ultra-light carbon frame.

The RX Team frame has been ridden by Belgian cyclocross professional Ben Berden, and French two-time national champion Caroline Mani. They each recently won their respective elite categories the Sea Otter Cyclocross Classic, held in the USA.

Unfortunately, Raleigh will not be unveiling the cyclocross range until later in the year, so that’s all we can tell you on the product front for the moment.

Raleigh is also offering to help young riders by providing bikes and equipment and helping to boost their public profile. Raleigh is looking to support two riders of national standard who are eager to make a big impact when racing resumes in September.

"There are so many talented UK cyclocross riders out there looking to step up to the next level, but that means having access to a better class of bikes and equipment. We are willing to throw our support behind young riders who want to put their stamp on the 2013/14 cyclocross season," said Geoff Giddings, Raleigh’s Marketing Director.

If you'd like to apply go to www.raleigh.co.uk/raleighcrossrider and submit your form.

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