Green Party's Jenny Jones says law must evolve as London moves away from car-dominated roads

London Assembly Member's blog post outlines concerns; attendees at seminar this week to discuss issues include Met and Andrew Gilligan

by Simon_MacMichael   May 20, 2013  

Cyclists at traffic lights (©Toby Jacobs)

In a blog post published today on, Green Party London Assembly Member Jenny Jones has called for a change in mentality regarding how the law, and the bodies that enforce it, view London's roads. "London has become a city of buses, pedestrians and bikes," she writes, but the way we design and police our streets is still based upon a car dominated past."

The blog post looks less at how the law relates specifically to cyclists - for that, we'd point you towards the comprehensive Cycling and the Law article on the BikeHub website - and more about how it impacts on them, whether that be motorists continuing to be allowed to drive despite amassing as many as 30 penalty points, cuts in road traffic policing and levels of enforcement of speed limits through the use of speed cameras.

Ms Jones, who acted as the Mayor’s Road Safety Ambassador under Ken Livingstone from 2002-08, is currently updating her Lawless Roads report, first publishe six years ago, and will be holding a seminar this Wednesday evening which will be attended by the head of the Meropolitant Police Traffic Command as well as Mayor Boris Johnson's adviser on cycling, Andrew Gilligan.

If you'd like to attend, please email

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