Video: Giro d'Italia Stage 15 insight - Dan Lloyd rides the Telegraph & Galibier

Ex-Garmin Cervelo rider Dan Lloyd recces what could be one of the pivotal stages of this year's race

by Tony Farrelly   May 18, 2013  

Giro stage 15 video.png

The Col du Galibier looks like it will play its part in stage 15 of this year's Giro d'Italia so what does the stage have in store for the riders, Dan Lloyd got on his bike to recce the stage and give us an idea.

Mind you, the ex-Garmin Cervelo pro didn't manage to get to the summit of the Galibier either the last seven kilometres to the top was still out of bounds when he did his recce ride - the French were trying to clear the remainder of the route to the top using a combination of snow ploughs and explosives… presumably not at the same time.

The sunshine of Naples will seem like a very distant memory for the riders tackling the snowy conditions they are likely to encounter on tomorrow's stage, as Lloyd's film demonstrates and even if you weren't interested in the race it's still worth a watching just for a glimpse of the wintery desolation that still holds sway on the high alpine passes in May. Respect too to Dan Lloyd for doing a piece to camera while riding up the Col du Telegraphe pushing a 34 x 19.

Before the riders get to the Galibier they will also have climbed the almost as fearsome 1556m Col duTelegraphe which hits 11 per cent in places there is a descent from the Telegraphe to the Galibier but it's short and fast - so short explains Dan that for the pros the two almost count as one climb and he's got some definite ideas about who that favours.