Video: Giro d'Italia Stage 14 Insight from Dan Lloyd

IG Sigma Sport rider gives the lowdown on the first to two mountain stages this weekend… by riding them

by Tony Farrelly   May 17, 2013  

giro 2013 Stg 14 profile.png

This weekend the Giro is in full mountain mode with two big stages both featuring mountain top finishes featuring two climbs that also regularly feature in the Tour de France, the climb up to Sestrierre tomorrow and then the summit finish on the Galibier on Sunday. In the first of two films giving an insight in to what the riders will be facing Dan Lloyd ex of Garmin Cervelo and a man who's raced the Giro rides the climbs and gives us a pro's eye view.

Aside from the info on what it's like to climb for so 30 or so kilometres and then descend for another 20 before hitting another big mountain, as the riders will tomorrow on stage 14 when they will come down from Sestrierre and then have to go up again for a summit finish on the Jufferau, Dan gives us some great little nuggets of info into how the riders will be feeling after two weeks in the saddle. He also reveals that despite the prodigious number of calories a pro riders burn in a grand tour that by this point some will have actually put on weight during the race.


We'll have the second of Dan's two videos tomorrow for Sunday's stage which in many respects will be like a stage of the Tour de France transported from July to mid-May featuring a summit finish on the Galibier preceeded by the race going over the Col de Telegraph.

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