Video: Giro d'Italia 2013 First week insight

IG Sigma Sport's Dan Lloyd rattles through facts and stats for the Giro first week and for three of the British riders taking part

by Tony Farrelly   May 3, 2013  

Giro d'Italia 2013 Insight first week.png

Information is power so if you're looking to boost your knowledge ahead of this year's Giro this fact and stat packed video from IG Markets should be just the job.

Ex-Garmin Cervelo and current IG Sigma Sport rider Dan Lloyd takes an animated infographical canter through the first seven stages highlighting all the important facts and figures - there's a total of four minutes of time bonuses available in the first week for instance. He also picks out the crucial stage of the week - which it turns out is also the shortest - Sunday's team time trial

Lloyd also has a quick look at the stats and form of three of the British riders in the field, Alex Dowsett, Mark Cavendish, and David Millar - the  kilometres ridden so for this season is a particularly interesting stat when you contrast the distances the three riders have ridden.


As you've probably guessed this is the first of three such videos with presumably a look also at the form of BMC's Steve Cummings and Sir Bradley Wiggins to come.