Park Tool CT-3.2 adjustable chain tool for 5-11 and single speed chains

One chain tool to break them all, Park Tool release an adjustable chain tool that handles newer 11-speed chains

by David Arthur   April 29, 2013  

A chain tool isn’t typically a newsworthy item, but Park Tool’s new CT-3.2 is worth talking about. With the three big groupset manufacturers now offering 11-speed groupsets, Park Tool has developed an adjustable chain tool that will break just about any chain. An adjustable design means it’ll work with 5- to 11-speed chains, as well as 3/16 inch single-speed chains.

So if you’ve got a fleet of bikes with 10- and 11-speed groupsets, and the chances are your next bike could be an 11-speed one, and want just one chain tool in your toolbox to cover them all, then here you go. Just one caveat though, it doesn’t work with Campagnolo 11-speed tools, you’ll need Park Tool’s CT-11 Rivet Peening Tool as well. This tool peens the rivet to be removed.

The CT-3.2 made from investment cast steel and feels reassuringly chunky, it's going to last a lifetime. Or two. It's certainly not a tool you'll be carrying in a jersey pocket, but for your home workshop, yes. The large plastic wrapped bar provides plenty of leverage for releasing even the most stubborn pins. The important bit is the adjustable locating shelf that slides to accommodate a wide range of chain widths. This allows it to work happily with 5- to 11-speed chains.

I've tried it on a couple of sections of chain knocking about in my toolbox and it pushed the pins through with effortless ease. Like a knife through butter, you might say.

It’s available now and cost £29.99. Head over to to find your nearest Park Tool stockist.

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Bet it doesn't put 10 speeds back together though.

posted by mattsccm [247 posts]
29th April 2013 - 16:23

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