Giro D'Italia Fiorenzo Magni commemorative jersey now available

Show your love for the Giro with a jersey that celebrates a three-time winner

by David Arthur @davearthur   April 25, 2013  

The Giro d’Italia is fast approaching so we reckon it’s a good time to tell you about this official tribute jersey to three-time Giro winner Fiorenzo Magni, which is available from Dorset-based clothing retailer Prendas now, in time to wear while you’re watching the race.

Made by Santini - who are also making the Paul Smith designed Maglia Rosa that Bradley Wiggins will be hope to wear on the last stage of the race - it’s from their Wool Heritage range and uses a 33% wool and 67% polyester fabric.

Fiorenzo Magni sadly passed away last year and this is the Italian clothing company’s homage to his extraordinary feats. As befits such a jersey, it has a distinctive retro style with simple colours, ribbed collar and three rear pockets with metal button closures. The years - 1948, 1951 and 1955 - are printed in circles on the chest above his name, and at the back of the neck. It is, of course, made in Italy.

Magni’s feats are even more impressive because he achieved three victories despite the fierce battle of Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali, who won the race five and three times respectively. It’s well known that racing cyclists are a hardy bunch, something  Magni proved when, during the 1956 Giro, he crashed, breaking his left clavicle. This would lead to one of the most iconic photos in cycling, an inner tube clasped between his teeth and attached to the handlebars, to help him steer the bicycle.

Magni wasn't without his controversy though. He as banned from cycling in 1946 and went on trial, and was acquitted, of being among those responsible for the massacre of Valibona in Tuscany during the Second World War. While he denied any part in the killings, he did admit to being part of the fascist militia.

In his later years, Magni would go on to run a successful car dealership in Monza near Milan, as well as being closely involved with the development of the Madonna del Ghisallo cycling museum. You can read much more about Magni in this article.

This all sounds like a fine reason to sport this special jersey. And it’s available now, with 10 sizes to choose from, XS to 6XL. Head on over to

We recently brought you news of the Rapha + Paul Smith Black Jersey, designed to celebrate the Giro d’Italia’s forgotten maglia nera last rider jersey. So plenty of choice for Giro fans to show their love for the race.

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My immediate thought was that Magni is a strange choice to celebrate, because of his fascist associations and divisive history - he was booed and heckled when he won in 1948. Also his three-in-a-row victories of the Tour of Flanders were perhaps his most notable achievement, not the Giro. But I see you've got all that side covered in the linked article, including a link to John Foot's excellent history of Italian cycling.

All that's left to say then is that I'm much happier with my Rapha Maglia Nera, which has arrived and is gorgeous, and of course has anti-fascist overtones (the black shirt was the uniform of the fascists, so putting a black shirt on the loser was a completely political statement in the Italy of the day).

posted by outOfPhase [12 posts]
25th April 2013 - 13:09


"[...] uses a 33% wool and 7% polyester fabric."

Misprint for 67% or is there 60% of cotton or something else?
(can't risk browsing to prendas, as will only end up buying this or another shirt.)

posted by Dr_Lex [171 posts]
25th April 2013 - 13:29


It's certainly a more stylish way of celebrating your love for Italian fascism than buying a Sunderland F.C. shirt.

posted by wild man [289 posts]
25th April 2013 - 22:14


I bought this, after prendas mentioned they had a cheaper alternative to the Rapha Maglia nera in comments on the other road cc article.

Ordered at 3.30pm, arrived next day. Quality and fit really good, the black is not quite as black as I'd like but this could be due to the fabric used, which is very light and partially woollen, as the article states

Had no idea he was a fascist though! Whoops. Surprise

Oh well, the name doesn't appear much on the Jersey and it looks if you can turn a blind eye to the politics, I really recommend this product!

posted by 700c [627 posts]
26th April 2013 - 10:13


In my mind cycling normally rules over politics but I can't be seen to be what is essentially showing my deepest respect for a facist.......terrible, terrible decision to produce what is otherwise a fantastic jersey.

What next, a jersey to celebrate the hitler youth?

'It's the closest you can get to flying'
Robin Williams response when asked why he enjoyed riding so much

posted by Simmo72 [456 posts]
26th April 2013 - 14:24


I think wearing this would generally be seen as showing respect for cycling achievements and the Giro, rather than for fascism itself!

Certainly that's what I'm doing when wearing it - I can confirm I'm no fascist..!

I imagine a lot of Germans and Italians alive during WW2 would have dubious political associations.. I confess I'm no expert to Magni's political past, but clearly he did a lot for cycling

You're right though, it is a fantastic jersey.

posted by 700c [627 posts]
26th April 2013 - 20:12