TRP launch Hylex hydraulic road/CX brake

New hydraulic disc brake comes with a drop bar lever

by Mat Brett   April 24, 2013  

TRP have launched a new hydraulic road/cyclocross brake called the Hylex – yet more evidence that hydraulics are on their way for road applications. It’s for drop handlebars but it’s singlespeed only – the levers are just brake levers, not dual brake/gear shifters.

The Hylex is fully hydraulic with master cylinders integrated into the brake hoods, a little like SRAM have done things with their new hydraulic design. The difference is that whereas the SRAM brake/shift levers come with a very high nose, the TRP ones have a more traditional shape. The tops of the levers are very flat and the rubber hoods are designed to be slip-proof in all conditions, wet or dry.

The caliper is one piece forged aluminium and you can choose between 140mm and 160mm rotors. The pistons are composite, designed to isolate heat better than steel, and the hydraulic system self-adjusts for pad wear. TRP reckon that you’re looking at a system weight of 352g per wheel.

The Hylex is a bit of a niche product but if you’re after hydraulic brakes for a drop-barred singlespeed, these are going to be available at £124.99 per end through Upgrade

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What happened to the HyWire hydraulic drop bar brake levers with integrated Di2/EPS shifters that TRP showed last year?

posted by Mayhem SWE [15 posts]
24th April 2013 - 13:52


352g per wheel?? that's going to put off the weight weenies.

drmatthewhardy's picture

posted by drmatthewhardy [564 posts]
24th April 2013 - 17:28


You know it is actually possible to ride a road bike with drop bars and NOT have integrated gear/brake levers.

Shut up legs, you don't get a vote.

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posted by ridein [69 posts]
24th April 2013 - 18:34


ridein wrote:
You know it is actually possible to ride a road bike with drop bars and NOT have integrated gear/brake levers.

Quite. These would be ideal for a low-hassle touring setup, for which bar-end shifters still have their advantages - simplicity, and bomb-proof reliability - being virtually maintenance free.

Didonc's picture

posted by Didonc [14 posts]
25th April 2013 - 0:23


Why oh why do they always show the dull boring part of the caliper and disc and never what's under the hoods?

posted by PeterM [2 posts]
25th April 2013 - 11:47


Perfect for my tourer, I have BB7's on it at the mo and bar end shifters.

Just can't really justify an unnecessary upgrade at the moment...

posted by robthehungrymonkey [102 posts]
29th April 2013 - 8:47