Brompton launch limited edition Barcelona bike

Second bike in city series is available this week

by Mat Brett   April 22, 2013  


Brompton are producing a limited edition Barcelona bike that will be available in shops this week. The second model in Brompton’s ‘city-inspired’ series is the product of a partnership with Catalonia-based designer David Torrents.

Configured as an S6L in gloss blue and orange, Torrents opted for a number of colourful parts. The orange saddle and mudguards, along with the vibrant blue grips, are intended to reflect the vitality of Barcelona.

The bike is complemented by an S Bag that features a special flap finished in bright geometric shapes, said to be inspired by the patterns found in the city's layout, the tiles on the buildings and paving on Barcelona’s streets.

“Ever since I was very young, I observed the patterns and street art that could be found on the floors and walls of the city and these bright colours and patterns give life to the place,” said David Torrents. “Now when I’m on my bike I still see these great colours and shapes and I wanted that to be reflected in this project with Brompton.”

Brompton worked with illustrator Vic Lee to produce the London Brompton, the first of its city series, last year. As a progression of the project, Brompton looked this year to other cities where the folding bikes have for a long time been commonplace and decided on Barcelona, host to the inaugural Brompton World Championship in 2006 and then again in 2007.

The limited edition S6L Barcelona Brompton bike will have a worldwide limited run of just 400 and a price, complete with S Bag, of £1,200 in the UK.

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