"Amazing month" - Kickstarter campaign for Carlton Reid's Roads Were Not Built For Cars book closes tomorrow

Not too late to get on board project which has raised nearly four times its target

by Simon_MacMichael   April 19, 2013  


Carlton Reid’s Kickstarter campaign for his book, Roads Were Not Built For Cars, closes tomorrow, following what he himself describes as “an amazing month” – one that saw his funding target smashed within 20 hours, a major publisher in the US approaching him regarding rights to the second edition, and the author being signed up by two TV production companies.

It’s not too late to back the project – it’s still open for another 30 hours, closing on Saturday evening, and it’s within touching distance of raising four times the original target of £4,000, a reflection as much of anything of the chord that the book’s theme has struck among people in the cycling community and beyond.

Besides that interest from TV production companies and publishers, the project’s success has also led to Reid appearing on Austria’s version of Radio 4 tomorrow to speak about his book, and he’s also been invited to talk about it in a committee room at the House of Commons as well as at a history conference in Lisbon.

Next in the pipeline from the ever-busy Reid – he’s executive editor of BikeBiz and of course the man behind I Pay Road Tax, among other things – is a Motorists’ Front of Judea t-shirt and jersey. More on that here.