Anonymous donor puts up cash prizes to bolster Todd Stone's recovery fund...

After Sacramento Cat 2 road racer Todd Stone suffered two broken legs and a spinal injury in a collision with a car on a training ride, his local cycling community rallied round to help him with the costs of getting back on the bike. There's a GoFundMe page set up accepting donations for his recovery fund, and it's already raised over £1,300. But local Strava users can also help in another way - by nicking his KOMs.

An anonymous donor has put a bounty on each of the 12 KOMs that Todd holds, and if he's deposed then the money will be donated to the fundraising page under the name STRAVASSHOLES. The bounty varies depending on the KOM, from $50 for a short, flat dash like Mt. Elk Grove Blvd (0.7km with 9m of climbing) to a whopping $250 if you best him up the 4.9km, 400m climb of Ponderosa Way.

There's $1,000 in total up for grabs, although some might question the wisdom of offering a cash incentive – even a charitable one – for a sprint segment past a school and a family park after a recent incident where cyclist Chris Bucchere was charged with causing the death of a San Francisco pedestrian whilst attempting a segment. The big money's in the climbs, anyway...

Todd's GoFundMe page can be found at http://www.gofundme.com/2jgztc

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