Frame builder who trained under Dario Pegoretti will be showcasing in Bristol from this Friday

Hungarian Dániel Merényi was an apprentice of the legendary Dario Pegoretti for four years and since learning the art of frame building from one of the masters, has since gone it alone and set up his own company, Merényi Bicycles. And you’ll be able to see the frames in the UK for the first time at Bespoked Bristol, which starts this Friday and runs all weekend.

Merényi Bicycles will be distributed in the UK through Mosquito Bikes, who also recently picked up Alchemy. Merényi is only a small company with just three staff. Each frame is completely bespoke and numbered, no two frames are the same. Merényi believe that “the birth of a bicycle is an adventure we share with the customer.”

They currently braze lugged frames with a copper alloy for the filler material and the frames are left to air cool. Plans are afoot to produce TIG welded frames to allow them more freedom from the limitations of lugs. The quality of his work, as these photos shows, is simply stunning and beautiful. We'll be spending some time taking a good look at them at the show.

Visit http://merenyi.eu/en/ to find out more about Merényi.

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ped [291 posts] 4 years ago

I was thinking that one of these may build up as a nice winter hack, but that bottom bracket cum chain stay bridge lug looks like a real mud magnet.  3

(Another frame builder to add to the WANT list)