Fuji Norcom Straight video sneak peek

Fuji have spent three years developing a new time trial bike. Ahead of its release, here's a video teaser

by David Arthur @davearthur   April 10, 2013  

fuji norcom straight

Fuji have spent the past three years developing a new time trial and triathlon bike, the Norcom Straight, that aims to be stiffer, more aerodynamic and adjustable than anything they've developed before. And they reckon they’ve achieved these three aims.

But they're not going to tell us how they've achieved these lofty aims ahead of the official launch on 1st May. But they are teasing us with the release of this short video. Between the slow motion clips of a wind tunnel and a rider pedalling the bike, we can deduce very little. They give nothing away at all. Frustratingly there's not even a brief glimpse of the bike.

What does the bike look like and what sort of features might it have? Answers on a postcard, or in the comments box below please.

However, we did see the brand new Fuji Track Elite at the Taipei show just recently however, and some of the development and aero features of this frame could conceivably give an indication of what to expect from the new time trial bike.