Joanna Rowsell knocked off her bike by a car

Said the bike bore the brunt of the collision

by Sarah Barth   April 6, 2013  

GB's Joanna Rowsell takes IP gold at London TWC (copyright

The Olympic cyclist Joanna Rowsell has been left with 'cuts and bruises' after she was knocked off her bike by a car today.

The track star and now road queen wrote on her Twitter feed: "First time for everything.. Been a cyclist for nearly 9 yrs & never been knocked off by a car until this morning. Bike came off worst."

Her fans responded wishing her well, to which she responded: "Thank you everyone for your messages. I am ok, no serious injuries just cuts and bruises.."

She added: "Take care out there people x"

Rowsell now rides for Wiggle Honda, the new women's pro team.

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I suppose it is quite hard to be knocked over by a car in a velodrome.


posted by Edgeley [160 posts]
6th April 2013 - 19:22

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Think she probably trains on the road though

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4136 posts]
6th April 2013 - 22:15

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It should be driver not car...

posted by northstar [1100 posts]
6th April 2013 - 23:24

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northstar wrote:
It should be driver not car...

This. Lets us at least get the identification of the facts right. Cars don't run people over without drivers being responsible for it.

Get well soon Jo.

posted by mattbibbings [102 posts]
6th April 2013 - 23:31

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Edgeley wrote:
I suppose it is quite hard to be knocked over by a car in a velodrome.

I was riding with Jo on the velodrome a few years ago when she came off and broke her elbow!
Different degrees of danger...

Poor girl, hope she's fully recovered soon.

posted by crazy-legs [511 posts]
7th April 2013 - 7:08

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Two Olympic gold medalists downed by cars, sad but the publicity might just get the message across to car drivers, I hope.


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posted by antonio [951 posts]
7th April 2013 - 9:11

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