Head to Edinburgh tonight to see Danny MacAskill go up against top riders in the Red Bull Hill Chasers

Wander on down to see the best of the best hit the cobbles

by Sarah Barth   March 30, 2013  

Danny MacAskill on USS Midway (picture credit- Red Bull).jpg

The stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill is returning to Edinburgh, the scene of the video that made him a star, to take part in the Red Bull Hill Chasers race tonight.

Up to 500 amateur racers are expected to take part in an individual timed hill sprint on Cockburn Street - a 170m stretch starting on Grassmarket then heading up the cobbled sweep of Victoria Street, which leads to the Royal Mile.

The first round will see 30 going through to take on ten seeded riders including three times World Champion four-cross rider Michal Prokop in the finals, which start at 7pm that evening, and see riders go head to head.

“It’s a good steep course,” MacAskill told the Scotsman. “I pedalled it many times on my travels when I was living in Edinburgh. In fact, I’ve been going there in disguise lately, doing secret training.”

MacAskill is from Skye but was working in a bike shop in Edinburgh when the video came out that shot him to fame.

But he won't necessarily be on his trials bike tonight - or at least not without modifications.

“I did actually put a couple of gears on my bike when I competed in the Hill Chasers in Bristol a couple of years ago, just to give it a bit of an advantage," he said.

"But it’s a tricky one. It depends on the course – whether it’s rough or smooth and it depends on the gradient as well. It’ll be interesting. I’m not really a competitive person… but it’d be nice to smash them all on my wee trials bike.”

Prizes come courtesy of Charge Bikes, whose Neil Cousins said: “Charge Bikes are proud to be supporting Red Bull for the 3rd annual Hill Chasers event. After two years in Bristol, local to Charge, we are traveling further afield to enjoy the stunning sights that Edinburgh has to offer.

“It is always a highlight to see everyday riders coming to an event like Red Bull Hill Chasers and racing the pros, sometimes beating them too. The racing is definitely going to be fast and furious. We hope to see you all there!”

Here’s a video of last year’s action in Bristol. It’s pretty much guaranteed that it will be just as exciting in Edinburgh.