Who's getting a new custom charge saddle then? These three peeps are!...

Well, it was tough, but we've stroked our goatees and been outside to puff on a few Gauloises as we debated the artistic merits of your Charge Custom Saddle Builder creations. We've narrowed it down to three, and here they are with the judges' notes.

'Speed', a_blom, 2013

"A heart-rending musing on the depths of the cyclist's soul. Victories paid in blood, but does the bank also take deposits?"

'Polka', paulmcmillan, 2013

"A soaring, bombastic epithet to the vainqeurs of cycling lore. Tant que je respire..."

'Stockholm Syndrome', wazza, 2013

"A whimsical musing on the Scandinavian weltanschauung, with a faint whiff of surströmming"



What really happened

We picked some we liked the look of, and narrowed it down to these three. In the end the last place was between the Swedish one and an Irish one. After a 1-1 draw (last Eurovision result vs last international football fixture), Sweden won on their 2012 medal placing (37th, to Ireland's 41st). So it was pretty close.

Well done everyone, it was fun. We'll have more compos rattling along soon. Stay tuned!

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rbx [226 posts] 5 years ago

Glad the Swedish one was picked. The others conform to what my partner says about male roadies: give them all the colours in the world and they'll pick a combination of black, red and white.

Could you share the Irish one as well? Just for reference.