Crank Bros launch new pumps and tools

Six neat mini pumps and three lightweight tools added to range

by Mat Brett   March 22, 2013  

Crank Bros, best known for their distinctive Eggbeater pedals, have launched a series of new pumps and bit tools. We checked them out at Taipei Cycle…

The Sterling aluminium pumps are available in long (250-276mm) and short (171-198mm) versions, both with and without pressure gauges. So the Sterling LG is the long version with a gauge, the Sterling S is the short version without a gauge.

The Sterling pumps are narrower and longer than Crank Bros have done before and the gauge is larger. The head has been improved too. It’s a universal design that locks onto either Presta or Schrader with no need to mess about with any internals to swap between them.

You also get an air switch at the opposite end of the pump that allows you to swap between high volume/low pressure, and low pressure/high volume. Crank Bros reckon you can get up to 100psi with these pumps. We don’t have UK prices yet but they’re priced from $45 in the US.

The Gem alloy pumps are smaller, although still available in long or short versions. They have a pressure switch but there’s no gauge option with these and you have to unscrew the head and flip a rubber bung in there to swap between Presta and Schrader. Unlike the Sterlings that are available in silver only, these come in silver, red and green.

Crank Bros also have three new bit multitools. You select the relevant bit and stick it in the magnetic socket and away you go. A design like this allows the manufacturer to keep the weight and bulk down.

The simplest model is the B8 which, as the name suggests, comes with eight bits. That’s priced at $22 in the US.

The top level B17 ($35) gets a chain breaker. It tucks away neatly in the middle of the tool body when not in use.

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