Cyclist was killed during the Severn Bridge Road Race

300 cyclists turned out on a cold and rainy morning today to ride in memory of Junior Heffernan, a promising young cyclist killed during the Severn Bridge Road Race on 3 March.

They set off from his home village to Burrator Reservoir, near where he died in a collision with a car.

His aunt, Julia Hajikakou, who took part in the ride, told the BBC that the response had been "overwhelming".

She said: "He's left such a big legacy of love.

"He was such a gentle and caring person, and never any trouble to anybody."

More than 100 people signed up to ride on Facebook, but the eventual turnout tripled that number.

His parents, Denise and Bernard, asked that a page be set up for the appeal on the Charity Choice website, where more than £1,200 of a target of £2,500 has so far been raised, which says “they know that Junior would like to be remembered by supporting the Kelly Olympic Legacy Pool Project appeal.”

It adds: “They are proud to be associated with it as this will in turn give many more promising young athletes the opportunity to develop their talents and enjoy the aspirations and dreams that he had already begun to fulfill.”

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themartincox [536 posts] 3 years ago

Was there ever any official comment on Just how Junior died?

the last I heard was hearsay that he was overtaking on a blind corner and went into a car, was this the case or was it something else?

davidtcycle [76 posts] 3 years ago

Yes, gone very quite on that, don't know why?  39

doc [167 posts] 3 years ago

Probably waiting for the outcome of an incident investigation by police. It would be very foolish to try and guess causes when this was still ongoing. Rumours are just that, rumours. Inquests, proper investigations, and facts are what count in these awful circumstances.
No doubt something will emerge eventually, meanwhile sympathy for his family and showing respect is all that is correct.