Ride with Jens Voigt in the New Forest

Charity ride planned with the legendary super-domestique in April

by Mat Brett   March 6, 2013  

Jens portrait

Jens Voigt, who has to be the most popular road professional racing today, will lead a charity ride in the New Forest next month, although a date has yet to be set. The two-time yellow jersey wearer, now aged 41 and riding for RadioShack Leopard Trek, will be riding in support of the Epilepsy Society.

Ride organizer Stuart Grace (GA Cycles) is the father of Amy, who has suffered with epilepsy, ADHD and learning difficulties for 15 years. Throughout their long-standing friendship with Jens, Stuart and Amy have received support and the German racer has regularly helped to raise money for the cause.

"I'm looking forward to riding in the New Forest and raising a good deal of money for Amy's charity,” said Jens.

The date of the ride has been confirmed as 27 April.

There are a three ways to get involved:

1. Be an individual/company sponsor (minimum £250) and meet Jens the night before the event at an exclusive social gathering.

2. Ride the event, which will cover approximately 50 miles with 200 riders in groups of 16, leaving at five-minute intervals. Jens will leave with the first group and drop back to join the following groups at designated intervals. Groups will ride at about 16-18mph and everyone will have the chance to ride with Jens.

Entry to the ride will cost £100, and includes free food and drink in the event headquarters after the ride, an item signed by Jens, and automatic entry in to a prize draw of cycling goodies from numerous local retailers and Trek. Jens will be available for a chat throughout.

To limit the risk of gatecrashers, the event location will only be sent out 48hrs before the event. 

3. Non-riders can apply for a £20 wristband that entitles you to meet Jens back in the headquarters after the ride.

Entry details are available through stuart_singlespeed@hotmail.co.uk

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date is 27th April

posted by sethpistol [57 posts]
6th March 2013 - 13:13


£100 seems a bit steep - And yes, I do get that it's for charity and probably seem like a curmudgeonly sod but after my initial excitement I could not justify that.

Hopefully many other people will though.

posted by farrell [1945 posts]
6th March 2013 - 14:10


For 100 quid, I'd expect a promise of at least one new Jensism every five miles, giving a total of 10 for the ride, at a cost of £10 each. Of course, they might get a bit hackneyed: "Shut up knees", "Shut up quadriceps", "Shut up inner part of the thigh", etc.

posted by ubercurmudgeon [170 posts]
6th March 2013 - 15:19


"SHUT UP WALLET!" "And do what I tell you to do!" Big Grin

posted by pmr [193 posts]
6th March 2013 - 15:27


I have no issue with the entry fee as long as 100% of the proceeds go to the charity and not partial amounts whereby the event organizers get the majority.

posted by toothache90 [39 posts]
6th March 2013 - 16:06


If he ever does a ride in Canada, I'm so in.

posted by LPS [4 posts]
7th March 2013 - 3:16


No thanks. Voight another doper not willing to admit, till a gun is put to his head. His friendship with Armstrong makes him another part of what is hugely wrong in cycling.

posted by Decster [246 posts]
7th March 2013 - 11:51