Design your perfect perch and you could be one of three lucky winners that has it made for free...

If you think your steed could do with a flash matching saddle – and don't we all – then it's worth taking a look at the Charge custom saddle builder. You can get one of Charge's highly regarded Spoon saddles with every part customised to your colour choice. And we've got three to give away to three lucky road.cc readers!

All you have to do is head over to the custom saddle builder and get your perch looking just so, then snap a screen grab of it and post it in a comment below. We'll pick the three we like the best, and those designs will be made up with Cromoly rails and sent out to our lucky winners. What could be easier? You can spec Ti rails if you think it makes your Spoon look better. You won't get 'em, though.

You've got until next Friday, 15 March (at about tiffin time) to submit your design. We'll use a combination of bias and guesswork to pick our top three; it's all a bit subjective really, but we'll try and justify our artistic choices, possibly using such terms as 'bombast' and 'weltanschauung'. Good luck!


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