Video shows shocking lengths one Danish team boss will go to to make riders go faster… probably

Danish firm OK's ad highlights its involvement in grass roots sport. Kind of.

by Dave Atkinson   March 4, 2013  

Cabbage powered cyclist


When cyclists talk about dealing with wind they're normally talking about it blowing in their faces on long, gritty rides that are best shot in black and white with pained expressions.

But Danish fuel company OK have dreamt up this yarn of a local cycling club experimenting with other forms of wind as a performance advantage. You know where this is going. Since the best rated comment on YouTube states that "The translation sucked big, juicy monkey balls" we're guessing that some of the nuances of the humour may have been lost in translation, but we like to snigger at farting so there's plenty to like here however awry the English words might be. Anyway. Take it away, made-up Danish coach guy...

Thanks to Andy Lulham for the spot.

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Very funny - shame it ends with a shill for petrol, but hey - you can't have everything

Buddha said:

Believe nothing, No matter where you read it,
Or who has said it, Not even if I have said it,
Unless it agrees with your own reason
And your own common sense.

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posted by mad_scot_rider [586 posts]
4th March 2013 - 20:32


farting - funny in any culture!

posted by dbb [34 posts]
4th March 2013 - 20:50


Reminded me of m cycle buddy, only with him it's pears...

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posted by andylul [418 posts]
4th March 2013 - 20:58


Well most of their commercials are about supporting local sport clubs and in the same genre. That being said i have no idea how much/little they actually support with.

posted by Jakal79 [63 posts]
4th March 2013 - 21:03


And i forgot

"Rolf is clean"

posted by Jakal79 [63 posts]
4th March 2013 - 21:34


Marginal gains? No doubt Sky are experimenting with different varieties of cabbage Thinking Being at the back of the peloton may have just got a lot worse Surprise or should that be Angry or Crying

posted by SideBurn [913 posts]
5th March 2013 - 11:39


Funny as...can we have this on ITV?

posted by Roberj4 [209 posts]
5th March 2013 - 12:33


dbb wrote:
farting - funny in any culture!


posted by Steven_L [48 posts]
5th March 2013 - 14:54


Should blow the opposition away Sick

posted by Tony [104 posts]
5th March 2013 - 22:49


Rumours are circulating that Pat McQuid is moving quickly to ban the use of cigarette lighters fixed to rear of saddles to prevent " those cheating b*st*ard's who are illegally exploiting the methane after-burn advantage" and putting in jeopardy the safety of the peloton un the process.

Pat went on to say " The UCI remains vigilant to all forms of cheating"


posted by Sudor [184 posts]
6th March 2013 - 9:10