Fizik launch fluoro saddles

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Here’s yet more evidence that the bike world is gradually turning fluorescent in the shape of Fizik’s new Highlighter Collection.

With our finger ever on the pulse, we told you last year how fluoro yellow was about to take over the bike world, and since then it most certainly has.

Fizik’s Highlighter collection is a bunch of the Italian brand’s existing saddles with details in fluorescent pink, green, orange and yellow. The models included are the Arione, Antares and Aliante Versus saddles along with the Gobi K:ium mountain bike saddle and the Vesta women’s saddle.

With the Arione Versus saddle, for example, the centre panel is black but the side covers are fluoro yellow (main pic) or fluoro orange (above). Versus, by the way, refers to the “relief zone” Fizik add down the centre of these saddles, designed to alleviate pressure. The Arione Versus saddles are £109.99.


The Gobi K:ium is available with either green or orange side covers at £99.99.

Here’s our advice, though: if you’re going to go down the fluoro route you have to pick one colour and stick with it. You can’t go for a green bike, a pink saddle, orange shoes… If you do that, someone will take a photo and hold you to ransom over it in 20 years’ time, and then where will you be? In a right old Timmy Mallett-shaped pickle, that’s where (young people: Google him).

UK distributor Extra UK have some stock already with more to arrive before the end of the month.

For more info visit Fizik’s website.