Video: Cyclocrosser gets taken out by a deer

Some obstacles at the CX race are harder to negotiate than others

by Dave Atkinson   February 27, 2013  

Monster Crosser vs deer

Normally the hardest obstacle you'll need to navigate at the local 'cross race is a wooden hurdle or a steep grassy bank. Although, of course, the former of those has proved itself pretty tricky in the past.

But throw in a moving obstacle and things can get a bit tricky. We present footage from a Monster Cross race in Chesterfield, Virginia. You'd need a quick dismount to hop that one.

Okay it's not quite in the same league as a mountain biker getting taken out by an antelope. But still worth a watch.

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I wonder what the damage to the bike was, didn't look like he was going anywhere soon. Broken spoke sounds when he lifted it up.

The thing I love about CX racing, Everyone just kept going. None of this "man down" lets pace him back on Devil

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posted by Gkam84 [8681 posts]
27th February 2013 - 21:49

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poor deer...

posted by centrifuge [15 posts]
27th February 2013 - 22:23

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Press 7 while watching to skip to the slow-mo replay at the crucial moment. It looks like the deer attempted to jump over the rider's front wheel, but miscalculated. It just goes to show that standards are slipping in physics classes in the cervine world.

posted by ubercurmudgeon [168 posts]
27th February 2013 - 22:25

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Doh! a dear...

It's all about the size of your cog.

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posted by TR McGowran [97 posts]
27th February 2013 - 23:34

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No, dear, it's "oh dear".

Gerard the Kiwi

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posted by GerardR [84 posts]
28th February 2013 - 9:44

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Could have been worse. Eek, an Elk.


posted by Edgeley [156 posts]
28th February 2013 - 10:18

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Looks like rain dear! (reindeer?!) Big Grin

Was he not looking, he just had no idea! (no eye deer?!)

I'm here all week!!

posted by veseunr [279 posts]
28th February 2013 - 10:28

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"I'm here all week, try the venison"

posted by Paul J [556 posts]
28th February 2013 - 11:18

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That would make you cross!


posted by Super Domestique [1592 posts]
28th February 2013 - 16:52

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