Fulcrum launch CX Collection cyclocross wheel range

Cross-specific wheel collection uses double sealed bearings

by David Arthur @davearthur   February 14, 2013  

The cyclocross season may be coming to a close, but Fulcrum have just launched a range of specific cyclocross wheels for 2013. The CX Collection includes four sets of wheels based on current designs in the Fulcrum range, but are constructed to withstand the rigours of being ridden in dreadful conditions, with better sealed hub bearings.

Each of four wheelsets in the range uses the same Double Gasket hub bearing design, a double seal that better protects the bearings inside the hub from water and mud and should ensure smoother performance for longer. They’ve made this change without a significant increase in weight of the complete wheelsets.

The CX range includes the Red Wind XLR CX, Racing 5 CX, Racing 7 CX and Racing Quattro CX. They CX versions cost about £10 more than the regular wheels on which they’re based.

The Red Wind XLR CX (£1219.99) is the lightest in the lineup at 1610g. It has a 50mm aluminium rim and braking surface, with a carbon fairing. The spokes have self-locking nippes and the hubs have aluminium bodies, with an oversized flange on the driveside of the rear hub.

The Racing Quattro CX is £309.99. We’ve reviewed the regular version of this popular wheel have been very impressed with its ride performance and good value. It  has a 35mm aluminium rim profile and weighs 1725g.

The Racing 5 CX (£229.99) and Racing 7 CX (£179.99) weigh 1760g and 1895g respectively. The Racing 5 has a new deeper rim upper bridge for easier clincher fitting and is compatible with up to 35mm tyres.

While the wheels may be aimed at cyclocross riders and racers, we don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t be suitable for winter riding. The conditions on the roads can rival that of a cyclocross at times, and the extra bearing protection would be a bonus in such wintery conditions.

The wheels are available from www.i-ride.co.uk. Check out www.fulcrumwheels.com for more info

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been riding the Fulcrum 5 CX now for the past couple of weeks - excellent wheels straight out of the box, run true and very solidly built. Hubs spin freely and quietly. Fantastic value for a winter set of wheels on terrible road surfaces with potholes, mud and grit, i.e. my local haunts.

posted by Metjas [346 posts]
14th February 2013 - 23:40


And yet no tubeless ready options...

posted by mattsavage [14 posts]
15th February 2013 - 20:11