Greg LeMond launches new venture

Three-time Tour winner promises innovative cycling products

by Mat Brett   February 4, 2013  

Greg Lemond gives Lance the big stare

Greg LeMond, the USA’s only Tour de France winner, has launched a new venture called LeMond Inc, the initial product being the already established Lemond Revolution indoor trainer.

LeMond has been in the news lately because he is currently recovering following a collision in his car. And, of course, he has been mentioned frequently in the unfolding Lance Armstrong scandal over recent weeks, the three-time Tour winner having voiced doubts about the legitimacy of Armstrong’s race achievements over many years, leading to a very public, very heated battle of words.

LeMond Inc has acquired manufacturing and distribution rights to the Revolution trainer, previously owned by LeMond Fitness. Hoist Fitness has bought the rights to the LeMond electronic exercise bikes and indoor bikes. These will be rebranded as “LeMond, Powered by Hoist”.

The Revolution trainer has been around for the past three years and we’ve reviewed one on The big innovation is that rather than running your rear tyre against a resistance unit, you drop out your back wheel and use a cassette fitted to the trainer itself. LeMond Inc plans to launch other products in the near future, starting with a line of Revolution-compatible accessories.

“For the last 30 years I have been passionate about design and technology,” said Greg LeMond, who won the Tour in 1986, 1989 and 1990 “This new company gives me the opportunity to dream again. The Revolution trainer will serve as our foundation.

“We plan to change the way all cyclists relate to cycling, starting with indoor trainers.”

LeMond Inc has not said whether or not it plans to get involved in full bike production in the future; there are no indications to suggest it will although Greg LeMond reportedly obtained control over the LeMond Bicycles name in 2010, the bikes having previously been made by Trek. The two parties reached an out-of-court settlement over LeMond brand issues, although the terms have not been officially disclosed. 

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Would love to see Lemond Bikes again: my first proper road bike was a Lemond Reno in 2008. I loved that bike and sold it to a mate specifically to ensure it went to a good home!

jamesfifield's picture

posted by jamesfifield [105 posts]
4th February 2013 - 22:10


Mine was a 2008 Zurich. Just brilliant. And, like james above, mine is with a mate now.

posted by bendertherobot [555 posts]
4th February 2013 - 23:31


“We plan to change the way all cyclists relate to cycling, starting with indoor trainers.”

Now I see what they meant by Change Cycling Now! Wink

posted by pwake [364 posts]
5th February 2013 - 4:11


He needs to start with a better / cheaper version of the Power Pilot for the Revolution. It doesn't need a display, just a sensor which reports to a Garmin or iPhone.

In the meantime I've cobbled together a surrogate using a generic Ant+ speed sensor and a graph which describes the relationship between power and speed. It doesn't take into account air density, but given that it cost £20 rather than the £250+ for the Power Pilot I'm not too concerned. If anyone with a Revolution would like a copy of the graph let me know via here, perhaps the Road CC guys would put it up on the site. Also, if anyone has a a Quark or SRM perhaps they could validate the data for me?

What I'm really looking forward to is the Wahoo Kickr...

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posted by Gasman Jim [114 posts]
5th February 2013 - 8:13


New venture, eh?,.. how about spokesperson for Nutri-System? Devil

posted by dino [60 posts]
5th February 2013 - 15:16