Yoga for Cyclists part 13: Hip flexion and hip extension

Flex those hips and get into shape for the new cycling season

by Sarah Barth   January 22, 2013  

Yoga 13

The hips take a beating when we're cycling - just think of the rotations you're putting them through every mile.

So it's no wonder our yoga exper Karen Burt is a bit hot on keeping the hips relaxed, open and flexible - and the best way to do that is through the regular practice of yoga.

The exercises are fairly simple - if we tell you that the idea is to lift your knee to your nose you might not agree - but it's simpler than it sounds. Even Tony can do them.

Your bum and hamstring tightness will affect how easily you can do some of the movements - which means it's important that you combine this exercise with some of the other poses we show you in this Yoga fror Cyclists series.

Put the videos together in whatever order you choose to create a personalised workout to keep you in tip top condition as you look to the new season.

For the full series of Yoga for Cyclists videos click here.

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Hi, the videos don't seem to work, and this question seems to get asked multiple times. Have I missed the reply somewhere - sorry if that's the case. What is the solution please? I'm just on a WindozePC, no iPad or anything anti-Flash Smile

posted by pralston [3 posts]
23rd January 2013 - 14:29