Traffic psychologist to address Bath cyclists

Boffin behind study driver behaviour when overtaking cyclists to give talk

by Tony Farrelly   October 20, 2008 news

 If you're in the Bath area tonight, it might be worth popping along to hear Dr Ian Walker, a psychologist from the University of Bath, speaking at the October meeting of the Bath Cycling Campaign.

His research looks at psychological and behavioural factors in road safety and travel behaviour.

He is probably best known for his study demonstrating that motorists leave less space when overtaking cyclists who are wearing helmets  - his reasoning being that they identified helmeted cyclists as being more experienced so the driver's perception of the possible risk when passing one was lower. 

The study showed that drivers gave more room when overtaking to helmetless riders and tfemale cyclists. The latter fact demonstrated, if memory serves, by Dr Walker cycling in a long blonde wig (who says science can't be fun).

Bath Cycling Campaign works to promote and encourage responsible cycling in the area. Membership is free and meetings are also open to non-members.

The meeting will be held at the Central United Reformed Church, Grove Street entrance, at 7.30pm