UK company launches Lumin8a indicator gloves + video
Flashing LEDs on the back of the hand add visibility to your signalling

British company Skute Design are releasing a new indicator glove called the Lumin8a.

Plenty of indicator gloves have been released in the past with varying degrees of success. These ones come with a red LED chevron on the back of each hand. When you want to signal, you press the button at the top of the forefinger with your thumb and the lights begin to flash.

The Lumin8a gloves are available in both short and long finger options and they are recharged via a built in USB connector. We’re told that they can be washed just fine, although we’ve not got a pair yet so we’ve not tried it. We do have some on the way for testing.

Here’s a short video of them in action…

The Lumin8a gloves are currently available at £39.99 from the Skute Design website although they’ll be making their way into bike shops soon.

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Stu1903 [11 posts] 2 years ago

Got to laugh at the way they are trying to promote safety with the indicator gloves yet the cyclists in the promotion video are wearing dark colours and don't have front or rear lights in the dark!

Well thought out!

Mart0023 [23 posts] 2 years ago

The cuffs look rather short.But a good concept.

vbvb [489 posts] 2 years ago

Dreadful car oriented concept. A reflective glove or jacket arm does much better if lack of arm signal visibility is a concern.

I enjoyed watching the video though, marvelling at the bravery of the participating rodeo stunt cyclists. Not a lot of looking over the shoulder going on but then it's hard with one arm fully and permanently outstretched through the entire manoeuvre, I'm supposing.

Bez [558 posts] 2 years ago

Yup, agree with vbvb - this is just trying to turn bicycles into cars and is totally counter to all of the progressive stuff that's happening in cycling right now.

Have you ever had a problem with signalling a turn? No. And most gloves have reflective material on them anyway. Why would you spend £40 on these?

And, really, if you're going to make indicators at least make them orange.

a.jumper [843 posts] 2 years ago

Yes, those pesky cyclists should look like cars. Coming next - big metal boxes to put around their bikes!