Sir Paul Smith unveils 2013 Giro d'Italia maglia rosa in Milan - now with video

British designer debuts jersey that Sir Brad will hope to add to maillot jaune

by Simon_MacMichael   January 15, 2013  

Giro maglia rosa 2013 by Sir Paul Smith (picture source Giro d'Italia on Twitter)

Sir Paul Smith has this evening unveiled the maglia rosa that he has designed for this year's Giro d'Italia and that riders including Tour de France champion Sir Bradley Wiggins will have their eyes on winning in May when the race ends in the Lombardy city of Brescia. The jersey, still made by Italian firm Santini, was unveiled at an event at the Paul Smith showroom in Milan hosted in partnership with race organisers RCS Sport. The maglia rosa also has a new sponsor this year in the shape of confectionery firm Balocco.

From another picture in a gallery on the Gazzetta dello Sport website, it can be seen that the left sleeve bears signature Paul Smith stripes on the cuff, as do the red, blue and white jerseys that he has designed for, respectively, the points, mountains and young rider's classifications.

Sir Paul is also known for hidden detailing in his designs - remember the kerfuffle a few year's back when one of his shirts former Prime Minister Tony Blair wore was revealed to have a World War II bomber decoration-style pin-up picture hiding behind the cuff?

Well, there's hidden detailing in this year's maglia rosa, too, in the shape of a dedication inside the collar to Fiorenzo Magni, the 'third man' of the years of the Coppi-Bartali rivalry who himself won the Giro in 1948, 1951 and 1955 and who died last month at the age of 91.

The designer said that his design aimed to simplify the jersey - last year's version, with two shades of pink employed and white panels at the shoulder wasn't to everyone's taste - and that he'd sought to put something of the cyclist within himself into the jerseys.

As some have pointed out in the comments to the initial version of this story, a pink jersey is a pink jersey, so where's the design element?

Well, as the Gazzetta dello Sport's blog for its Giro per Ghisallo initiative shows, the maglia rosa has seen subtle and not so subtle reinterpretations over the years - sometimes just the shade of pink employed, sometimes detailing such as the collar, and some more radical departures from the traditional design (gallery here).

The Gazzetta's initiative aims to collect as many versions of the maglia rosa - ones worn by riders, not replicas - for the cycling museum that Magni himself was instrumental in setting up at the top of the Madonna del Ghisallo climb which features on the Giro di Lombardia route.

So far, more than 50 versions of the maglia rosa have been collected and are on display there. After this year's race, the one designed by Sir Paul Smith, with its singular features such as those stripes and the hidden tribute to the museum's former president, will join them and find its own place in Italian cycling history.

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Well, blow me, it's pink.

nostromo's picture

posted by nostromo [65 posts]
14th January 2013 - 19:50


Yes it is.

But a different shade of pink from last year, without the white patches where the sleeve joins the chest, and with some red detailing.

Erm... that's it for now...

Simon_MacMichael's picture

posted by Simon_MacMichael [9521 posts]
14th January 2013 - 19:59


Which bit of a universal fitting pink cycling jersey with sponsors logos can one actually 'design'?
Emperors New Clothes

posted by Some Fella [908 posts]
14th January 2013 - 20:06


Well he certainly looks very pleased with it.

Noli porcum linguere

captain_slog's picture

posted by captain_slog [311 posts]
14th January 2013 - 20:23


Ohhhh, they make the worlds nicest tasting Panettone.....Thats all I know about the sponsor, but I quite like the jersey, not much he could have changed to be fair.

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posted by Gkam84 [9369 posts]
14th January 2013 - 20:28


I could've done that.

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing..."

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posted by Cooks [525 posts]
14th January 2013 - 20:46

3 Likes Like the young riders one a lot...

posted by NeilXDavis [118 posts]
14th January 2013 - 21:28


hope they didn,t pay him much , my 6 year old grandaughter would have done a better job and only cost them the price of a bag of chocolate buttons !!!!

John R

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posted by john rutherford [14 posts]
14th January 2013 - 21:39


Maybe they could have tweaked the pannetone reference - geddit !

posted by SimonT1971 [35 posts]
14th January 2013 - 21:52


classic with a twist as they say

TheHatter's picture

posted by TheHatter [811 posts]
14th January 2013 - 22:23


SimonT1971 wrote:
Maybe they could have tweaked the pannetone reference - geddit !

*clicks non-existent like button*

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7857 posts]
14th January 2013 - 23:27


I'm so angry. My Dead Grandmother could have done better.

posted by Dog72 [108 posts]
15th January 2013 - 11:37


Well I like it, just as your eyes are getting used to the pink, and taking in the striking rouge accents, you notice the subtle white zip which could have been an overpowering rouge, but it isn't. Then right of field, you are assaulted by the modern, searing, silver hoop on the left arm that leaves one pondering: Is this the race setting itself apart from the other Grand Tours? Does this 'link' represent a new phase? Pink, rouge and silver, genius.

C'mon guys as pink jerseys go it could have been worse and, it got the race some PR too! Cool

Ah, but that was then

posted by Pitstone Peddler [104 posts]
15th January 2013 - 12:11


It's a pink jersey, which is surprisingly mostly pink ! With the sponsors having to have there names on it, there is not a massive amount you can do with it.

posted by wwfcb [85 posts]
15th January 2013 - 14:01


Looks nice enough, to be honest I'm not sure what more anyone can expect. I like Paul Smith's clothes enough to have got married in a Paul Smith shirt, and he's a bona fide pro-cycling fan, so I'm happy with this (though not as happy as I'm sure PS himself is at being given the chance to do it).

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posted by Ghedebrav [1133 posts]
15th January 2013 - 15:28


Where can I buy it and tut?

posted by Dog72 [108 posts]
15th January 2013 - 15:43


Come on, it features his trademark stripes on the left sleeve! Actually I like the blue one which is ironic in relation to my climbing performance. Crying

posted by Dr. Ko [112 posts]
15th January 2013 - 16:28


Why is the Giro taking styling advice from someone who dresses like Chas & Dave?

posted by The Rumpo Kid [590 posts]
15th January 2013 - 16:45


It's not pink, it's cerulean Wink

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posted by Simon_MacMichael [9521 posts]
15th January 2013 - 17:04


Where's my Dulux paint brochure? I can't decide what shade of pink it falls under Thinking

posted by Roberj4 [211 posts]
15th January 2013 - 19:17

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I still like / prefer the "Centoanni" D&G version;

yes it's busy, but it's more "euro" Cool

posted by andystorey [21 posts]
30th January 2013 - 15:22

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