Yoga for Cyclists part 11: Lower back

You've stretched your trunk, now go the other way and strengthen your back too

by Sarah Barth   January 14, 2013  

Yoga 11

When you cycle, the posture you take over the bars pulls in and tightens the abdominals (even if it doesn't actually strengthen them!), but you never do the reverse movement, stretching out the back.'s resident yoga expert Karen Burt shows you how to activate the muscles that run up the outside of the spine - and rest easy - this is exercise you can do lying down!

Last week we looked at the role of the trunk in Yoga for Cyclists part 10, and we'd urge you to do the two sets of exercises in tandem. Of course, the way we've arranged these videos means you can make your own compilation of exercises to give you a home workout that provides exactly the kind of benefits you personally need.

Here's how to open out and relax your back, to get the most out of your training:



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