A spot has been found and a planning application submitted

Two schoolboys who campaigned tirelessly for a BMX track in their home town of Keswick have been rewarded with a planning application for a track in Fitz Park, with grants and support earmarked for the project.

Thomas Slack, 13, and Adam Suddaby, 12, have spent more than a year persuading town councillors that local children needed somewhere to exercise and let off steam.

Their first idea, a skate park, was knocked back because the amount of concrete required would not have been environmentally friendly, the authorities said.

But a BMX dirt track in Fitx Park was much better received.

Thomas told the News & Star: “A lot of my friends have been chased away by police from jumps that they have set up themselves in certain areas of the town. It’s something that we need and would provide us a safe place to go.”

Lynda Walker, secretary of both the council and the Fitz Park trust, said: “The trust agreed it was a good idea and a facility we would like to provide for young people and early teens in Keswick, because there isn’t anything really anything near by.

“We are still in very early stages, but a lot of the major funding sources will not consider grants until planning permission has been given.

“We are optimistic it should be passed, and then we can start applying for the major grants.”

Thomas and Adam are still doing their bit, putting collection boxes in local businesses to help raise the £35,000 the track is expected to cost if it goes ahead.

To find out how you can support the project visit BMX Cumbria.

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