BBB launch ThinkTank for product feedback
Component brand wants your help and offers the chance to win prizes

Dutch component brand BBB have launched a user platform they’re calling ThinkTank on their Facebook page to get feedback about cycling products. Fill in their questionnaire and you’re in with the chance of winning prizes.

So, go to the BBB Cycling Facebook page and click on the ThinkTank icon, or go direct to the ThinkTank page and hit the ‘Like’ button.

The first ThinkTank project is about handlebar tape. BBB want to know what you like: colour, material and various other properties. Answer the questions and your name goes in the hat for the chance to win prizes. In this case, there are 10 handlebar tape packs up for grabs.

The results of the survey will be published in the ThinkTank afterwards, and ThinkTank members will help BBB pick the best design of new products or come up with new product names.

Of course, the cynical among you are thinking that this is a quick and cheap way for BBB to do useful market research and product development and you’re right, of course, but you never know, you might win something.

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Gkam84 [9040 posts] 2 years ago

Always willing to give opinions on things.  4

ped [201 posts] 2 years ago

Of course, the cynical among you are thinking …

… how badly photoshopped the BBB handlebar tape image is.

Or is that just me?