Police stop mother carrying naked child on bike


Yet more cycling news from Germany. A mother who was caught cycling in 11C temperatures with her naked baby in a child seat could face abuse charges. According to a report in English language German news site, The Local.

Police in Munich stopped the 32-year-old woman after she was seen cycling around the city with her naked 18-month-old baby in a child seat on a chilly day.

The woman, a lawyer, told police officers the child had refused to let itself be dressed and that she was only respecting the child's wishes. 

he one-and-a-half-year-old appeared miserably cold, according to police reports, with her “nose running down to her lips” and her “mouth blue at the corners.” A police car thermometer read 11 degrees Celsius (52 degrees Fahrenheit) at the time, with what the report describes as “an unpleasant wind chill.” 

The mother, a 32-year-old lawyer from Schwabing, told officers her daughter had refused to let anyone dress her, explaining that children have individual rights as well, which is why she accepted her daughter’s wish to remain undressed. 

Dumbfounded officers directed the woman to put clothes on the girl, and she complied without further discussion. The pair was then allowed on their way.

“The officers were clearly surprised, but the mother did have a thick winter jacket with her, plus pants and shoes, so officers only had to ask her to put them on the girl,” said Munich police spokesperson Gottfried Schlicht. 

A complaint has been filed against the lawyer for child neglect and abuse. According to Schlicht, the Munich Youth Welfare Office is also set to investigate whether the woman is fit to raise children.



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Karbon Kev [693 posts] 8 years ago

what a stupid bloody woman. The kid is 18 months not 18 years for gods sake. Tsk ......