Yoga for Cyclists part 10: Trunk

Pack your trunk (with lovely flexible muscles) for an aerodynamic new season

by Sarah Barth   January 11, 2013  

Yoga 10

When we ride, particularly road, we're pulling forward into the bars, bending the spine, and pulling the stomach in. The lower you get, the faster you go - but a lot of people lack the flexibility to get the perfect position.

In this video, covering trunk (or spine) flexion and extension, you'll improve your performance by getting more of an aerodynamic position and a flatter back on the bike.

In fact, resident yoga expert Karen Burt gives examples of people who manage to get their postions up to an inch lower, giving them some serious advantages.

Here she shows some simple exercises to relax and open out the spine, and we can check out Tony's 'sinking' posture as an example of how not to look on the bike:

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Must admit that when i first skimmed the article title i thought it read Drunk - which is probably the only way i'm likely to do yoga Big Grin

posted by Ducci [81 posts]
11th January 2013 - 17:32

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