Epic adventure from Land's End to Lowestoft being tracked live and anyone's welcome to roll along...

Commercial airline pilot Daniel Hughes is a man on a mission to raise £1 million pounds for Comic Relief by planting a red nose on the top of Mount Everest. He's completing a number of challenges in the build up to the attempt in May next year, and it all starts today with Pedal East - Land's End to Lowestoft in three days.

Daniel chose to raise money for Comic Relief after a visit to Bolivia in 2011 gave him first-hand experience of how poor the quality of life was there. He's roped in a number of Team GB athletes to help him along the way, and if you fancy a ride you can go along and shelter him from the wind for as long as you like. Anyone's welcome, although obviously he'll be keeping to a tight schedule to make sure he completes the 458-mile challenge. Here's the itinerary in full if you'd like to roll along with him for a bit:


08:00 Lands End
10:30 Sainsburys Superstore – Truro
12:30 Morrisons – Bodmin
19:00 Exbridge Centre (TK Maxx) – Exeter
22:00 Taunton


08:00 Holiday Inn Express – Taunton
10:00 Tesco shopping centre – Wells
12:00 Homebase – Bath
16:30 Waitrose – Newbury
18:30 AW Cycles – Reading
20:15 Tesco Extra – Slough
22:00 Mercer Street – Covent Garden


08:00 Specialized Concept Store, Mercer Street, Covent Garden.
12:00 Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre – Chelmsford
14:00 Asda – Colchester
16:45 Nandos – Ipswich
20:15 Lowestoft Ness

If you'd rather follow the action vicariously, or you want to hop on at another point on the route, then MapMyTracks are tracking the ride live throughout the three days. We've included the widget below so you can follow on road.cc. "It is great to have Map My Tracks on board for Pedal East," said Hughes. "The event will be broadcast live using streaming 3G technology, similar to that which the BBC used for the Olympic Torch Relay. Map My Tracks is going to add a really powerful element to the event, as you will be able to instantly place live video with a detailed, real time location."

For more information about Daniel Hughes and the Everest Million Challenge, please visit: http://www.everestmillion.com/

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