Stoke wants cycling suggestions

Have your say on how bike funding is spent

by Mat Brett   October 15, 2008  


Stoke-on-Trent authorities are asking for your suggestions on how to encourage more people onto bikes after the city was awarded ‘Cycling City’ status back in June. Stoke is one of 11 new cycling towns and cities which, added to the six existing cycling demonstration towns, are set to receive the country’s largest ever investment in bike riding over the next few years. This means an extra £4.8million of cycle-related funding is available in Stoke until March 2011. The money is intended for projects to improve the image and promotion of cycling, its availability and accessibility, and also to develop the cycling infrastructure – through more parking facilities and routes, for example. The target is to double the amount of cycling in the Staffordshire city over the next two-and-a-half years. The City Council is now working with Cycling England, the independent body set up by the Department for Transport to encourage cycling, to finalise the details of the plans and decide exactly how the money will be spent. As part of this process, the public – both cyclists and non-cyclists – are invited to contribute ideas. Check out existing plans and make a comment at

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