Just fill in your details to get your hands on a free sample of Orbana's drink mix.....

Everyone likes free stuff, right? Thought so. So we've teamed up with energy drink manufacturer Orbana to offer a free sachet of their Healthy Energy drink to the first 200 people to lob their details into the form below.

Orbana have been around since 2005. The brand was born out of a frustration with the levels of synthetic ingredients in the energy drinks on the market, and the company worked with a top British nutritionist to create a formulation containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids that can be easily digested into the blood stream and vital organs to assist in the production of energy in the body and promote physical performance. He also identified carbohydrates that avoided energy spikes and released blood sugar energy at a consistent and extended rate.

"After initially tasting it we weren’t surprised to find it didn’t taste great… we knew that branched chain aminos typically have a very bitter taste," Orbana say on their website.  "However after 18 months of taste testing the product on real people we finally found a blend of natural flavourings that actually made the product taste good and refreshing – we’d finally cracked it!"

The drink formula is available in tubs and individual sachets, and Orbana have 200 of the latter to give away to 200 lucky road.cc readers. Just bob your details in the form below and they'll send you a sachet in the post. First come first served, so be quick about it!

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