For every two bikes they sell off their website they'll be giving one to be distributed to less fortunate families in Surrey and Hampshire...

The Bike Leasing Company is helping a local charity appeal by Guildford-based Eagle Radio to help get new bikes for under-privileged local children this Christmas.

It's a bit of a departure for the company, which normally leases premium bikes and is currently looking for crowd funding to support its expansion. But they're making their site available for a limited time to help the appeal, and you can buy a range of kids' bikes on the site from scooter bikes up to 20" wheelers for older kids.

For every 2 bikes bought through their website, the Bike Leasing Company will donate a bike and a helmet to the charity. Any money left over will be used to buy extra bike stuff and toys for the appeal. All the bikes on the site are being offered at a 10% discount to sweeten the deal, and the Bike Leasing Company have set themselves a donation target of 50 bikes.

You'll need to be quick if you fancy one of the bikes: this offer will only run for the next 10 days to make sure that bikes can be delivered in time.


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I thought that it might help if I put the direct links to the bikes here so that you can easily peruse them.

The list of available bikes is not as comprehensive as we would have hoped as we have only been able to offer bikes that are definitely going to be available in time for Christmas.

Here they are anyway:

For the budding road racers:

Balance bikes that will help your kids go straight onto a regular pedal bike without the "stabilsers" stage (something that we strongly advocate):

If your kids are eager to pedal these bikes would suit children from 4-6

If your kids are a little older (6-8/9) they might prefer these bikes:

And if your kids are wannbe teens, (8-11), these might be ideal:

We're planning on donating bikes from these ranges to the appeal, so if you're considering getting your child a bike for Christmas, please do consider doing it this way.