Limar wins iF Product Design Award for Velov lightweight helmet with removable wind-blocking plates for winter

Cunning helmet that keeps your head warm in winter and cool in summer scoops design award

by David Arthur @davearthur   December 3, 2012  

Limar’s new Velov attempts to solve the problem of wearing highly ventilated helmets in the winter when it’s cold and wet with removable plates that block out the vents, keeping your head protected from the elements. Come the summer you can remove them to enjoy the benefits of the vents.

And this novel design has scooped the creators of the Velov helmet an award from the prestigious International Forum. Established in 1953, they’ve been picking out key cycling products over the years and awarding them the coveted Product Design Award.

Pitched firmly at urban commuters the Velov looks like a good choice for year round use with the ability to block the vents during the winter months, when you really don’t want all that cold air anywhere near your head. It’s not a bad looking helmet either. It weighs 280g.

It’s available in two sizes, M (52-57) and L (57-62), and is CE and AS approved and CPSC pending. No word on pricing or availabilty yet.

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Looking at it and thinking how to mod it to carry lights (Leds) with power supply tucked into blocked off vents.


posted by lushmiester [161 posts]
4th December 2012 - 0:41


I wear a skull cap under my helmet in winter ... it covers my ears, which would get really cold otherwise.


posted by nbrus [286 posts]
4th December 2012 - 7:15


This looks really good in winter mode...questionable with vents exposed but I guess thats the option here not the covers.

Really good idea for the commuters its aimed at though a lot more could be done for lighting with built in leds on the plates as lushmeister mentions already.

posted by Farky [186 posts]
4th December 2012 - 11:28


Pfft, more easily solved with a wooly hat.

posted by Paul J [806 posts]
4th December 2012 - 16:57


Not sure if it is really just aimed at commuters. Looks like a 'stealth' way to get around the issue of vented helmets with third party covers being seen as fairings.

posted by chinchli [31 posts]
5th December 2012 - 11:31


Tis the season of highly complicated solutions to problems which have already been solved very easily...

posted by andyp [1368 posts]
5th December 2012 - 15:46