He's also campaigning to name and shame those who drink and drive...

The Paralympic cyclist Simon Richardson is to sue the drunk driver who knocked him down on a training ride, destroying his life and his dreams for London 2012.

Edward Howell Adams, a farmer ran him down on the A48 near Bridgend in August 2011, leaving him in hospital for a month and still using a wheelchair and on bed rest. He has lodged a complaint for unlimited damages against Adams and his insurers at the High Court.

Adams, 60, was jailed for 18 months and handed a five year ban from driving when he was convicted of dangerous driving and of failing to stop.

He had been drinking the night before the crash, and had another whisky at 6am on the day of the collision. When arrested after midday, a breathalyser proved he was twice the legal limit, BBC News reported.

On his Twitter feed, Richardson wrote: "it could have been worse should have died. Struggling with PTSD and Delirium more than pain as painkillers help that."

He gave an insight into how far his life had changed from his usual activity when he wrote:

"There is a limit to how much tv you can watch lol and after 1&1/2 yrs in bed it becomes a blur lol ☺

"Another exciting day resting in bed looking out of window. What will tomorrow bring I will put money on it being the same.

"It started off in bed for 5 months then aloud out for short times but as things got worse end up in bed again. Just had back re built so bed rest with special physios and carers then stoke mandaville for 3 months in feb and go from there."

He will go to Stoke Mandeville Hospital for three months in February for intense physiotherapy.

He is currently campaigning for the naming and shaming of drunk drivers, even putting their faces on the back of buses.

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