Ex-demo, showroom and media Trek bikes at discount prices

Trek UK have launched a new website today devoted to selling off their showroom, demo and test bikes. The Trek Demo Sale website has gone live with six bikes, with many more to be added over the next few weeks.

"Running demos and sending out bikes to media for review creates a pretty long list of bikes that need a new home when they get returned to us," they told us. "Until now, these bikes have been living in boxes in the warehouse. The demo sale site is a simple solution to a growing issue. It allows riders to save some cash on a bike that might not be box fresh, but will still carry a bit of a warranty. It gives us somewhere to list the huge variety of bikes we have here and it fosters a relationship between the buyer, and their local Trek retailer. Everyone wins."

There's some good deals to be had on there for launch, especially if you're a lady looking for a full on race rig. The Madone 6.9SSL WSD on the site (52cm) is down from £6,750 to £4,000; still eye-watering but a hefty discount and it's not even been ridden. Some bikes, like the Madone, have just been on display at shows and dealers. Others are ex-demo and have been available to ride either at Trek dealers or on Trek Demo Days around the country. They'll vary in their condition, although it's fair to say that no demo bike will have had an especially high mileage. Then there's media bikes that Trek have loaned out to the likes of us to have a go on. This Trek Madone six series sitting by the desk will probably end up on there once we get round to boxing it up. If you notice one that has Vredestein tyres on, rather than the stock Bontys, then that's likely to be the actual bike that Mat tested. You may or may not think that's a good thing…

If you want to get hold of one of the bikes then it's a bit more of an involved process than just handing over your card details and waiting for the postie, but it's simple enough. Trek UK's policy is to work exclusively through their dealer network, which means that any bike sold on the site will be delivered to a local dealer rather than directly to you. It'll get a full pre-delivery inspection before you get to ride it away, too. Contact details for enquiring about the bikes are on the site.


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